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ogram."We m◆ust get our ●fired-up Demo●cratic base wi●th us," said Sena●tor Amy Kl●obuchar of Minnesot●a. "But let'◆s also get those■ independents an●d moderate Repub●licans who cannot◆ stomach (Trum○p) anymore."The fi●fth Democratic debat〓e unfolded in■ Atlanta, a city tha■t played

a central r●ole in the civ■il rights moveme〓nt, and the pa■rty's divers◆ity, includ●ing two African● American c●andidates, w○as on display. B■ut there was ○disagreement on○ how best to ○appeal to minority■ voters, who 〓are vital to win○ning the Democrat〓ic nomination a○nd will be c●rucial in the ○general ele■ction.Senators● Kamala Harris of Ca●lifornia and Cory Bo○oker of New Jerse●y said the party○ has sometimes come◆ up short in i◆

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ies 〓that have ◆been a backbone of ■the Democratic ◆Party," Harris sai●d. "You show ●up in a black〓 church and wa〓nt to get th〓e vote but just have◆n't been t〓here before."Booker◆ declared,○ "Black vo◆ters are pissed off,○ and they're w◆orried."In t●he moderators' ■chairs were four w●omen, including Ra●chel Maddow, MSNBC◆'s liberal darling〓, and Ashley ●Parker, a White ◆House reporter● for The W◆ashington Post. ■It was only the th■ird

time a primary d○ebate has 〓been hosted ●by an all-〓female panel.Buttigi◆eg — who wa■s a natural target ●given his r■ecent rise in the p●olls to join ●Biden, Warr〓en and Sanders among■ the crowde〓d field's front-runn◆ers &mdash〓; was asked early a■bout how being 〓mayor of a city of ◆100,000 residents〓 qualified h○im for the White Ho◆use."I know that fr◆om the perspect〓ive of Washingt●on, what goes on i●n my city might ◆look small

," Buttigi〓eg said. "But

fr○ankly, where we■ live, the infighti○ng on Capitol H■ill is what looks sm■all."Klobuchar ar〓gued t

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been me◆n," she said.Anothe○r memorable exchan◆ge occurred whe■n Biden &mda■sh; who didn't face● any real attacks ●from his rivals &mda●sh; was asked■ about curbing◆ violence against w●omen and responded a○wkwardly."We■ have to just chan〓ge the cult■ure," he said.○ "And keep● punching at it. An〓d punching at it. A○nd punching a

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t it.〓"Harris scrapped ●with anoth〓er low polling○ candidate〓: Hawaii Rep. T◆ulsi Gabbard, who ◆has criticized◆ prominent Democrats■, including 201■6 nominee Hilla〓ry Clinton."I t◆hink that it's unf●ortunate th■at we have some◆one on the s■tage who is a〓ttempting to be t

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